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International Medical Services Reservation Process

Steps 1


Process Telephone or e-mail Reservation

Explanation After the reservation, we would arrange the most suitable service and all relevant information for you

Note The now launching Personal Health examination services are all quick Health examination. We aim to saving valuable time for you and provide you with more comprehensive health screening service.


Steps 2


Process Reply by dedicated personnel

Explanation Dedicated personnel will help to arrange Examination in Taiwan or explain each cosmetic medicine

Note Once the medical service type is confirmed, we would need your relevant health data for evaluation


Steps 3


Process Arrange a date and time according to individual needs.

Explanation 1. Confirm treatment needs and dates.
2. Provide Information of how to go to Taiwan and living arrangements.

Note Perform complete medical service during the reserved date according to the reserved service category


If you like make reservation or more information, please contact with us
1.Please call(+886)3 4631230 extension 1910
2.Fill out the following form

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