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Service Process


Steps 1


Request an Appointment You can contact our international medicine department by telephone or email. Our International Medical Concierge Services team will guide you through the process and provide a host of personalized services for you including following process.

Steps 2


Complete the Personal Medical Information Questionnaire and cost estimate We will arrange the personal medical information check to find out what we can do for you and assist you with preparing estimates, understanding the bill In order to assess your current condition , we might need your medical records in English.

Steps 3


Receive the admitting notice (Ready to go to Our Hospital) If we can offer the medical service for you, you will receive our admitting notice. your international medical concierge will assist you with any transportation and accommodation needs related to your visit.

Steps 4


Admission examination and medical treatment The doctor will arrange the necessary examination and appropriate treatments.

Steps 5


Health consult and education After the treatments, we will provide medical suggestion and necessary medical advices.

Steps 6


Payment and Discharge The doctor will determine the time of discharge depends on your medical condition. We will assistant you preparing necessary medical documents for back home.

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